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Sheila Marie
Milfs Want Big Cock Sheila Marie
Sheila Marie found out the dude she's been dating has a tiny dick and so she's been super horny for big cock lately. When her boss found out this hottie wasn't being satisfied in the bedroom, he set out to do all he could to make sure his favorite employee was happy between her legs! His massive cock worked...
Cameron V
Milfs Want Big Cock Cameron V
Cameron heard her employee Chris has a big package down below. It didn't take much thought on the matter to know that she wanted to check this out for herself. It was the end of the day and everyone else had gone home for the night. Chris wanted to show what he was working on, but Cameron wanted...

Devon Lee
Milfs Want Big Cock Devon Lee
Devon was talking gossip with some of the employees. One thing led to another and Mikey mentioned he had a big cock. The mail girl got uncomfortable and left, Devon had to do a little investigating. It was time to hold all the calls and cancel all the meeting, this MILF was going to do some...
Morgan Ray
Milfs Want Big Cock Morgan Ray
Morgan heard from one of her clients that her warehouse guy had more to offer than she thought. After she wrote out an order for the new account, she headed back to the stockroom to find out just how large an order he could fill! She found a tool just right for that hungry Milf puss of her's. She offered to raise...

Hayley Rivers
Milfs Want Big Cock Hayley Rivers
Sexy MILF Hayley Rivers had everything she needs in life except for a giant cock worthy of her aching muff. She finally gets good and full one Friday afternoon when that deserving dick walks in her door...
Brittany O'Connell
Milfs Want Big Cock Brittany O'Connell
Brittany just found out her newest cook has a big piece of meat she hasn't seen yet. Everyone had gone home for the day and it was time to investigate. Chris didn't want to do anything that could cost him the job, but his only...

Raquel Devine
Raquel has heard good things from the girls in the office about her favorite bartender. He was going on his break and she thought it would be a good time to see if the rumors were true. She didn't have to spend too long grabbing...
Coming Soon
Milfs Want Big Cock Coming Soon
What MILFs want, MILFs get and that is definitely the case at MILFsWantBigCock. These mature lovelies are horny for long shlong and they don’t waste anytime getting it from their assistant, their chef or wherever...

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Rabbits Reviews:
"I'm sure MILFs want lots of thing (a rich husband, healthy offspring, a hot yoga instructor…), but in this case, the only thing that matters is that these MILFs Want Big Cock.

There is one big drawback to this site, but it isn’t the MILFs. MILFsWantBigCock does a solid job of providing hot MILFs and the dicks, while not huge monster shlongs, are pretty big. The thing that isn’t big is the amount of porn available. There are only seven scenes and with no dates or update schedule I can’t tell you how often they are adding new stuff.

I will assume it is weekly for now, but whether that is the case or not is not a deal breaker since you won’t be joining this site just for the MILFs and their big cock loving ways. You are, however, going to join for all the bonus sites that come with your membership, which I will get to later. But first the seven scenes.

The stuff is scripted porn action with all the bad acting and typical situations you have come to expect – and I mean that in a good way. Generally, the scenes last a solid 30 minutes and each comes with a set of great-looking (almost high-res) photos and a video.

The videos can either be streamed on the site in an embedded Flash player or downloaded in an excellent-quality Windows Media format. There is also a QuickTime format of excellent quality that you can download. A couple of the QuickTime links weren't working for me, but since the others were, I am going to assume this is a temporary issue.

Okay, back to the bonuses. Your membership comes with access to 35 other network sites and these cover a variety of niches. Some of the sites that you will see include Euro Bride Tryouts, Big Sausage Pizza and Hardcore Partying.

Join for the network for sure. However, if the specific MILFsWantBigCock porn is the only reason you are here, then don’t bother."

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